How To Deal With Disappointment In Yourself

Dec 06, 2018

What happens for you when you feel disappointed and wish you a task a little bit better, you did something or said something, or wish you didn't?!

Many times we jump straight into another action. We don't give ourselves permission to just be disappointed. Instead, try to feel what it feels like in your body. Sit there with those body sensations, not the thoughts, not the stories.

If thoughts and stories do appear, allow them to be. But don't really give them a lot of your attention. Set a timer, do this for like 90 seconds to start with. Maybe you can increase that little by little, make it five minutes, 15 minutes, ten minutes, whatever works for you.

Also, put your hand on your heart. Remind yourself that you're enough. You did what you could. You did what the version of you in that moment was capable of.

This life thing, it's not a test about pass or fail. Just take these moments one at a time and know that you're enough, and doing enough. If a similar situation arises, then you have that information. You learned from that. And maybe you can do a little bit more.

Don't jump straight into action. You want do things that are connected to you, connected to your heart, connected to what matters most to you. Not just jump straight into all these actions and doings.

If you wanna be connected to people, that take that moment to remind themselves that they're enough, and take action that's more connected to their hearts and less connected to that doing mindset, then join me in my Facebook group called The Nourishing Nook. 


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