How To Relax Your Mind When You’re Stressed

Dec 13, 2018

When we're stressed, the mind wants to go a mile a minute. It can feel like oh my God, like I need to do this, and I wish I could do this. It's just idea, idea, idea.

Your mind just wants you out of your stressful moment. And, that's awesome. It's helping you out. It's actually saying: this sucks, you know you don't want to be here. So I'm gonna to give you ideas of things you used to do in the past because you need to feel relaxed.

It's like this big neon sign. Relax! Relax!

However, it can annoying: the way it's sending signals. So, how do you relax that mind?

Here's the first thing to try out: stop insisting that you need to relax. I know it may sound crazy. Yet, it's your insistence of getting somewhere you're not capable of being in this moment that's making you more stressed. It's adding another layer of something that you need to do that, in this split-second moment, you're just not capable.

So welcome this version of you in this moment. Don't add an idea and a story about, I need to be relaxed.  That story ain't gonna get you there. What's gonna get you there are the actions that result in relaxation.

If you don't have little tweaks and techniques yet, try focusing on your feet touching the ground. Take that focus away from up in your mind. Bring it down, down to you feet. That's how you relax. Not insisting on relaxing.

Focus on your feet touching the ground, and start from there. And then allow the next moment, the next idea that's more quiet. Listen to that whisper from your heart. Not that crazy, loud voice.

So let me know how that goes. You can share it in the comments below this video, or you can join me in the Nourishing Nook. It's a free support group inside of Facebook that connects you to people who believe, like you, in taking that extra moment. 


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