What To Do When You’re Unhappy At Work (But Can’t Quit)

Sep 26, 2018

The feeling of emptiness, feeling unfulfilled at work can really bring us down, especially when you're in a position that you just can't quit your job. 

What do people say to us?

Well, look on the bright side, at least you have a job. At least you have money coming in. Some people don't even have that opportunity.

Sometimes that may help to snap you out of that funk that you're in. Sometimes you're just unhappy and nothing seems like it would help you to change your situation.

So, what do you do?

You could just wake up every day and say: this is crap, and I don't know what to do.

Is that what you really want in your heart?

Start out simple and create a gratitude list for your current work situation.

Not just a gratitude list for life in general. Think about what work brings to your life.

Even though it sucks, and even though there might be employees that you work with that you just don't want to be around anymore, there has to be something that goes well in your day. Could you focus on that?

Just for a moment. Not just this whole picture of looking on the bright side, just for one little moment each day.

If you're ready for that deep dive you could, listen first to those frustrations. Write them down, speak them out loud, do something. Give yourself a couple a minutes and listen to them.

They're telling you something. There's something in there. When they feel heard, it relaxes your body. When you're relaxed you're able to come up with a solution so you're no longer living in the problem.

Take it simple.

Make a gratitude list.

See what is good in your day.

Or, take a deeper dive.

Listen to those frustrations.

Give them a voice.

Give them a chance.

Don't push through it and ignore it.

And if you'd like a place to talk it out, to feel like you're seen and heard, and feel nourished, join my Facebook Group, the Nourishing Nook.

Remember: be gentle on yourself and know that there's always possibilities. They're always waiting for you.


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