Christine Rosas

Christine Rosas is a speaker, author, and inner voice enthusiast. She helps overwhelmed moms break through the pressure to have it all together, by teaching quick and easy mindset techniques, so that they can make the difference their heart craves to make, in themselves, their families and the world.

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Christine loves talking about...


How to rock your family
commitments and fulfill
your heart's desires.


How to get your other half
to pitch in without ranting.


How to thrive in a mundane
job you can't leave.


How to make time for ​you even if the kids aren't yet settled in.

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"Her life story is a remarkable demonstration of how courage, persistence and self-discovery can create a rich and meaningful life. Since reading her book, Christine's 'wisdom moments' have enabled me to pause, connect and tap into my truth so I can consciously move through my day."

Jane Deuber
CEO of the Global Experts Accelerator

Why did Christine create The Sensitive Edge?

Want to feature Christine on your show or event?

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Christine Rosas considers herself an adventurous spirit making the best out of living in a control freak’s body.

Christine has figured out how to successfully balance her paradoxical life by honoring the many varied parts of herself. This includes the heart-centered, angelic well-wisher, as well as the truth telling, and sometimes spastic, ranting b*tch. However, it wasn’t a clear path to get here.

In her early 20s, she became a paralegal because of John Grisham’s intense interpretation of the legal world. She then became a graphic designer because a co-worker at the corporate law firm insisted Christine shouldn’t end up like her. Even in her 30s, experiencing her childhood dream job of being a stay at home mom, something didn’t feel quite right.

It wasn't until Christine gave herself the quiet space to listen inward to her heartfelt desires, as well as her paralyzing fears, that she realized her calling:

Teaching overwhelmed/overworked moms how to successfully face life’s challenges, while honoring what’s most important to them.


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