Unlock Your Power To Thrive No Matter What

Everyday challenges and stress can leave us wondering: Will things ever go smoothly and according to plan again?

This uncertainty needn’t continuously affect your life. You can take back control. You can live the life you were meant to live, and avoid taking other people’s actions to heart, all in the midst of a challenging situation.

The Sensitive Edge shows you how to break down life into manageable moments, and respond in a way that honors what’s most important to you.


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The Sensitive Edge offers solutions that allow you to live a fulfilled life while at the same time, smoothly taking care of whatever may come your way.


Fulfill your heart’s desires without sacrificing your family commitments. Everyone will be taken care of, including you.


Even during the most chaotic of days, you will figure out exactly what you desire and how you can make it happen.


No need to shave your head and silent retreat in the mountains (unless that's your gig). Most of the techniques can be implemented in as little as 10-15 minutes.

YOU are the Co-Author of The Sensitive Edge!

The Sensitive Edge contains blank space to explore exactly what your inner voice sounds like for you. You'll have areas to map out the best game plan to face specific everyday challenges.  There is plenty of room for you to declare your commitment to the simple steps you will take to honor your heartfelt desires.

Now you may be thinking, How would I even know what to write? I’m not sure I have the answers. Don’t worry.  It’s normal to feel that way. The Sensitive Edge guides you through it all, step-by-step.  You will discover your inner voice is more powerful than you think.  

And in those moments you feel uncertain how to move forward, you'll receive the compassionate nudge that you need to keep on moving toward the direction of your dreams.

With all the noise, opinions and information bombarding you every day, it's refreshing to know there’s a voice available to you 24/7 that can guide you in taking heartfelt action that allows you to thrive no matter what!


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About The Author: Christine Rosas

Christine Rosas considers herself an adventurous spirit making the best out of living in a control freak’s body.

Christine has figured out how to successfully balance her paradoxical life by honoring the many varied parts of herself. This includes the heart-centered, angelic well-wisher, as well as the truth telling, and sometimes spastic, ranting b*tch. However, it wasn’t a clear path to get here.

In her early 20s, she became a paralegal because of John Grisham’s intense interpretation of the legal world. She then became a graphic designer because a co-worker at the corporate law firm insisted Christine shouldn’t end up like her. Even in her 30s, experiencing her childhood dream job of being a stay at home mom, something didn’t feel quite right.

It wasn't until Christine gave herself the quiet space to listen inward to her heartfelt desires, as well as her paralyzing fears, that she realized her calling: to support EXTRAordinary women as they transform their daydreams into tangible action. Just has she’s done.

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